L’Orso e la Formica is online!

Today, after five years of passionate work among the forests of the Apennines and the archives of the most important scientific magazines, we are launching L’Orso e la Formica, a multimedia journey between emotion and science to get to know Apennine bears and their mountains.

About eight months pass between the day a bear cub is conceived and its birth. And this will also be the length of our journey together.

How will this journey unfold? With new contents every two weeks, following the rhythm of the seasons of both bears and men, we will explain who bears are, where they live, their social interactions and the ties that bind them to the environment and other living beings, including man.

We will not be taking you into the world of this species alone, but together with the animals that have revealed some of their secrets to researchers through a decade of studies, research and observations.

The L’Orso e la Formica is a journey of images and words between past, present and future, in which the differences between men, trees and bears blur until they almost disappear.

What to bring with you? Your curiosity.
Anything else? A question: “Can we imagine a future without bears?”

For us, Nature is a place to find answers, come with us on this journey to look for them together.

Elisabetta, Bruno, Umberto
The team of L’Orso e la Formica

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